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The Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico (WCCNM) board oversees the workforce partner network and federally-funded employment and training programs and services in our four‐county region, which encompasses Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia counties.  With over 40% of the state’s population residing in our region, WCCNM is the largest workforce development board in New Mexico.

The board’s primary role is to ensure that the workforce-related needs of employers, workers and job seekers in the Central Region are met.

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Questions Regarding Our Board?

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about our board and/or board membership, please contact us.

Arthur Martinez, Workforce Administrator

amartinez@mrcog-nm.gov l 505.724.3636
WCCNM Administrative Office
809 Copper Avenue NW l Albuquerque, NM 87102

Board Member Interest Form

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Our Board Members


Comprised of approximately 35 members who are appointed by the Central Region’s Chief Elected Officials Board, the WCCNM Board is primarily business-led, with a majority of the members coming from and representing the private sector. Other board members represent labor and community-based organizations, education, workforce partners, economic development organizations and state agencies.

The Board’s Role

Board members apply their knowledge, experience and expertise to (1) build a strong economic environment in the Central Region that supports growing industries, competitive and profitable businesses, skilled and productive workers and thriving communities and (2) promote private sector involvement in the New Mexico Workforce Centers in order to assist employers in meeting their hiring needs.

In addition, Board members are responsible for planning, selecting one-stop operators, program monitoring and oversight, performance measures, choosing service providers and overseeing and approving the annual budget.

Board Members

WCCNM Board Officers (View Bios):

John Mierzwa – Ingenuity Software Labs, Inc.

Krista Kelley – Motiva Corporation

Karla Causey – African American Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce

WCCNM Full Board: View Complete Board Member List

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Standing Committees

WCCNM Executive Standing Committee

View WCCNM Executive Standing Committee Charter

The Executive Committee has the authority to act on behalf of the WCCNM on issues that cannot be deferred to the next WCCNM meeting.  The Executive Committee will serve as the Board of Finance for the WCCNM, acting on all financial matters including the budget, lease and contracts.

WCCNM Disability Standing Committee

View WCCNM Disability Standing Committee Charter

The Disability Committee will review, advocate, and make recommendations for New Mexicans with Disabilities to the WCCNM Full Board and or Executive Committee on matters related to WCCNM’s operations.

WCCNM Finance Standing Committee

View WCCNM Finance Standing Committee Charter

The WCCNM Finance Standing Committee shall assist the WCCNM Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities related to funding, expenses, and procurement consistent with the WCCNM’s fiscal policies, vision, mission, and goals.

WCCNM Operations Standing Committee 

View WCCNM Operations Standing Committee Charter

The Operations Standing Committee will review and make recommendations to the WCCNM Full Board and or Executive Committee on service delivery, and all workforce partner matters related to WCCNM’s Regional One-Stop services, performance, monitoring activities, training provider approvals and related activities.

WCCNM Youth Standing Committee

View WCCNM Youth Standing Committee Charter

The Youth Council will review and make recommendations to the WCCNM Full Board and or Executive Committee on matters related to WCCNM’s youth provider program.

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Board Events

Board Meetings, Minutes and Agendas

Board Meetings
  • 07/09/2024 @10:00am – Chief Elected Officials Meeting
  • 06/17/2024 @ 1:30pm – Full Board Meeting
  • 05/20/2024 @1:30pm – Executive Committee
  • 04/15/2024 @ 1:30pm – Full Board Meeting
  • 03/18/2024 @1:30pm – Executive Committee
  • 02/26/2024 @ 1:30pm – Full Board Meeting
  • 01/09/2024 @10:00am – Chief Elected Officials Meeting & Executive Committee (Joint)
  • 12/11/2023 @ 1:30pm – Full Board Meeting – CANCELLED
  • 11/20/2023 @1:30pm – Executive Committee – CANCELLED
  • 10/30/2023 @ 1:30pm – Full Board Meeting
  • 9/25/2023 @1:30pm – Executive Committee
  • 8/21/2023 @ 1:30pm – Full Board Meeting
  • 8/15/2023 @ 10am – Chief Elected Officials Meeting – Hybrid
  • 7/17/2023 @ 1:00pm – Executive Committee – CANCELLED
  • 6/26/2023 @ 1:30pm – Full Board Meeting – Hybrid Meeting
  • 6/5/2023 @ 1:30pm – Executive Committee
  • 4/17/2023 @ 1:30pm – Hybrid Full Board Meeting
  • 3/20/2023 @ 1:30pm – Executive Committee
  • 2/27/2023 @ 1:30pm – Hybrid Full Board Meeting
  • 2/14/2023 @ 10:00 am – Hybrid Chief Elected Officials Meeting
  • 1/16/2023 @ 1:30pm – Executive Committee Meeting
  • 1/10/2023 @ 10am – Chief Elected Officials Meeting
  • 12/22/2022 @ 10am – Executive Committee meeting
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Board Policies

Our Board Policies are currently undergoing review and being updated. Check back soon for a full, up-to-date list of all our current policies.


Board policies have been posted in accessible PDF format to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Signed versions of each policy are available upon request. Please contact Tawnya Rowland, Workforce Manager, for more information:

Phone number: 505-724-3658
Email: trowland@mrcog-nm.gov

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WIOA 2020-2023 Four Year Plan

As required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), 679.580(a), the Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico (WCCMM) has developed ‘draft’ modifications to the WCCNM Four Year Local Plan to achieve WIOA priorities in New Mexico’s Central Region.

WIOA PY2020 – PY2023 Four-Year Plan

Additional Information
For additional information and/or copies please contact:

Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico
Attention: Tawnya Rowland, Workforce Manager
809 Copper Avenue NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone number: 505-724-3658
Email: trowland@mrcog-nm.gov