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There are many upcoming recruitment & hiring events in the Central Region! And, every Friday, we go live with "Hot Jobs" showcasing all of the new & exciting employment opportunities in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance & Valencia counties. Explore our Job Fairs & Hot Jobs page.

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Job Fairs & Hot Jobs

Why attend job fairs, recruitment events & career fairs?

These events bring you face to face with companies and staff who are actively searching for employees.

Plus, job fairs typically involve a range of opportunities, from entry level positions and internships to management and executive positions.

Some job fairs are hosted by a single company, but many bring multiple companies together, giving you the opportunity to meet several recruiters representing a number of different industries all in one location.

How can I find job fairs?

We post virtual and location-based job fairs on our website and also on our social media, so we invite you to connect and stay connected with us! Recordings of virtual recruitment events can be found on our YouTube channel.

If you missed one of our events, don’t worry! You can view the videos at your convenience on our social media sites! If you have questions or need additional information, call 505-843-1900 or email

How can I watch the weekly “Hot Jobs” announcement?

Every week we share information about jobs that are available in the four-county Central Region through “HOT JOBS” announcements.

Interested in one of the opportunities listed in the weekly HOT JOBS video? Contact us at 505-843-1900 or email

We post HOT JOBS weekly on our social media (including on Facebook Live), so we invite you to connect and stay connected with us!

Weekly HOT JOBS 

January 14 – January 21