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Serving Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance & Valencia Counties

Looking for employment opportunities & job fairs?
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Serving Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance & Valencia Counties

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How do you know if this program will work for you?

 One of the best ways to recognize the program’s benefits is through success stories of others just like you.

Valencia County 

On February 24, 2023 Michael came into the Workforce Connection – Valencia County office. He was seeking assistance with tuition for college. Upon in-take he was unemployed but had some experience working at Wal-Mart and he was Basic Skills Deficient in reading and math. He graduated from Los Lunas High School May 19, 2018. He was enrolled and accepted at PIMA Medical Institute on March 8, 2023 for the Veterinary Assistant Program and began classes on March 22, 2023.

Michael was still attending classes and needed a job. The WIOA Youth Program was able to make it possible for him to get assistance with this. He completed four hours of Basic Employability skills Training and five hours of tutoring, before he started work experience at Bosque Animal Clinic on 10/9/2023. Michael also received assistance with mileage while he attended his classes at PIMA.

Michael continues his work experience participation at Bosque Animal Clinic. Upon graduation the veterinary office plans to hire Michael permanently.

Michael has been very successful in the WIOA Youth Program. When he first started the program he had an idea of what he wanted to do and now he is starting his career. He is ready to make a difference in assisting his community ranchers in Valencia County, with their animals.

Michael is thankful for the help that the WIOA Youth Program has provided him, from assistance with tuition for college, paid work experience, transportation assistance, tutoring, and the guidance that all the Youth Practitioners om the office have provided to him. With the help of the program he will be able to successfully complete his college courses and start his career. Michael states that his confidence has grown.

WIOA Title 1.B Youth Program

Bernalillo County

Christopher, 22, joined the WIOA Youth program in January 2023. He qualifed for the program as Basic Skills Deficient and low income and was hoping to gain help paying for classes at Intellitec for Massage Therapy. Christopher was determined to succeed in his goals but needed additional support.

Chrisopher did very well in his classes and earned a 4.0 GPA and earning a measurable skills gain. He completed classes and an externship in November. Also, in November, Christopher took the MBLEX exam and passed on his first attempt. The exam earned him his Massage Therapist License from the State of New Mexico. With his license, he received an offer of emplyment at Massage Envy. Christopher’s start date will be December 4, 2023 as a massage therapist earning $20/hour pulus tips.

Christopher’s current goals are to gain experience as a massage therapist so that he can become self-employed in the future. He is also considering furthering his education to become a chiropractor. 

Christopher is doing well and feels the WIOA program helped him overcome his barriers and meet his employment goals.

WIOA Title 1.B Youth Program

Valencia County – Danielle is a 20 year old resident of Belen, NM.

Danielle enrolled into WIOA on September 2020 as a 17-year old high school senior. After successfully completing all required activities, she was placed at the Belen Public Library as a Library Assistant.She performed an awesome job and was a ‘’real trooper” as she worked through the pandemic. She completed 300 hours in February 2021.

In May 2021 she graduated from Pecos Connection Academy. Currently she has now been employed with the Valencia County Assessor as a Customer Service Specialist for two years.

Danielle says, “I am working full-time as an appraiser where I passed my first International Association of Assessing Officers Course. My goal is to become a fully certified appraiser.”

Her immediate supervisor Celia Benavidez (County Assessor) had this to say about Danielle, “She is absolutely an amazing worker. Danielle is great with the public who have commented on her professionalism. She always asks if she can assist with ‘special projects’. We are very fortunate to have her as part of our team. She will continue taking appraisal courses through our training process.”

Besides being employed, Danielle is attending CNMCC studying Construction Management and is set to earn her Associates Degree of Applied Science in December 2023.

“My ultimate goal is to work in a large construction company and help with development in New Mexico once I earn my 4-year degree. I learned about construction through my father.” She stated.

“I want to personally thank the WIOA Program for providing me with my first ever job at the Belen Library. There I learned people and communication skills. Also how to be organized, complete projects in a timely manner, and be responsible.” She said.

Outside of work and school, Danielle is in her third-year of coaching elementary basketball. “We have won two championships. I coach 5th and 6th grade students at Dennis Chavez Elementary School”. She said.

Through WIOA Danielle earned work experience, a credential, a training milestone and incentives. We are very proud of her accomplishments and see her as a model for WIOA participants.

WIOA Title 1.B Youth Program

Bernalillo County – Jennifer, 19, joined the WIOA program in November 2022. Jennifer had never had a job before and hoped to gain work experience. She qualified for the program due to her disability as well as being Basic Skills Deficient.

 Jennifer was determined to succeed in her goals. She was able to complete work experience as an Administrative Assistant at Creative Foods USA, a property management and lending company. While she was completing work experience she learned office skills as well as social media marketing skills. She began to complete office work for a day care owned by the same company. When her work experience was complete, she was offered employment as a floater at the daycare by her worksite supervisor. She is currently working full-time while she works on getting her driver’s license and considers her future career opportuniites. She would like to go back to school possibly as soon as this spring.

 Jennifer was able to take the TABE post-test and increase her scores to get a measureable skills gain.

 Jennifer continues to do well and feels the WIOA program greatly helped her to overcome her barriers and meet her employment goals. She gained a variety of employment skills and was able to update her resume to reflect those skills and past experiences. She feels hopeful about her future success.

WIOA Title 1.B Youth Program

Sandoval County – When Colt graduated from Cibola HS, he had a vision to work in Healthcare Administration. Colt faced barriers that made his dream a challenge. Being low income and BSD while living at home which his parents and siblings wasn’t easy but with his determination and the WIOA Youth program, success was in reach.

Colt was able to enroll into Pima Medical Institute for Healthcare Administration, but he didn’t stop there. Colt was eager to find a company where he could use his abilities to achieve his career goals. With limited work experience Colt needed guidance and support for his mission.

With the help of WIOA Youth, Colt was placed at Roadrunner Healthcare where he worked part-time assisting with the care of elderly patients who reside in the group home. This was a turning point for Colt and his career. After multiple months of hard work and discipline, Colt was able to obtain his certificate in Healthcare Administration and obtain full-time employment with Roadrunner Healthcare.

Colt has now been promoted within the company to a lead position and also purchased his own home. When speaking to Colt he has expressed gratitude and confidence all due to the resources provided to him by WIOA Youth.

WIOA Title 1.B Youth Program