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Registered Apprenticeship

The Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico partners with the Department of Workforce Solutions, US Department of Labor, and other local community partners to support a high-quality registered apprenticeship system.

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What is apprenticeship?

As defined by the Department of Labor, apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally-recognized credential.


All registered apprenticeship programs contain the following elements:

  • Paid job – apprentices are paid employees who earn as they learn, with a guaranteed wage increase as they develop new skills
  • On-the-job learning – apprentices receive structured on-the-job training to help them develop and practice the skills they’ll need for their career
  • Classroom learning – apprentices complete related academic coursework alongside their on-the-job training and gain academic credit towards a degree or certificate
  • Mentorship – apprentices work alongside an experienced mentor, who will assist them in developing the skills they need to succeed in their career
  • Credentials – upon completion of an apprenticeship program, apprentices earn a portable, nationally-recognized credential that shows employers they are qualified in their industry

Apprenticeship Facts

Did you know that…
  • There are currently over 1800 active apprentices in New Mexico
  • 94% of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship program retain employment, with a national average annual salary of $70,000
  • Apprentices who complete their program earn approximately $300,000 more during their career than non-apprenticeship workers



Read on to learn more about the opportunities that registered apprenticeship offers to both career seekers and employers in New Mexico.





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Many career-seekers are looking for opportunities to jump right into their career, avoid student loan debt, and earn competitive wages. An apprenticeship program can help you meet these goals!

What are the benefits of apprenticeship?

  • Earn as you learn – you are paid as an employee while you train for your career, with a guaranteed wage increase as you develop new skills
  • Gain a credential – you will receive an industry-recognized, nationally-portable credential or academic credit toward a college degree
  • Learn on the job – you will develop workplace-relevant skills by actually working in your field alongside a qualified mentor

What apprenticeship opportunities are available to me?

Apprenticeship programs are offered in a wide variety of occupations. For a full list of occupations that offer apprenticeships in New Mexico, as well as more information on opportunities in each field, click here.

How do I become an apprentice?

Apprenticeship opportunities are offered through employers or program sponsors. To become an apprentice, first review this list of current apprenticeship opportunities. Once you have identified a program you’re interested in, you can reach out and apply directly with the employer or program sponsor – each occupation listed on the website has contact information and application instructions.

Want to talk to someone from our team about becoming an apprentice? Call us at 505.843.1900 or email us to get started!


Registered apprenticeships are an employer-driven model that combines paid, on-the-job learning with related classroom instruction, producing workers who are ready to succeed in their field.

Apprenticeships allow employers to develop a pipeline of workers who possess the exact skills that they require and produces workers who are trained to company standards and ready to meet employers’ needs. Additionally, the mentorship component of apprenticeship programs ensures that company experts pass along their knowledge to new workers.

The Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico may be able to help fund part of the cost of apprenticeship programs, including:

  • Training and education costs for classroom instruction
  • On-the-job training expenses
  • Supportive services to help apprentices before they begin earning wages

Learn more about registered apprenticeship – connect with us!

Are you interested in learning more about how to launch an apprenticeship program? Our apprenticeship coordinators can help you explore apprenticeship program options and provide resources to help you design and build your own program. Contact us today to:

  • Receive information on apprenticeship opportunities
  • Explore apprenticeship program options and find the model that best meets your unique needs
  • Connect with apprenticeship experts and partners that can provide services to support your program and guide you through every step of setting up and supporting your program


Call us at 505.843.1900 or email us to get started!